Silk Tour LTD

Types of Tours to Uzbekistan

  • With abundant UNESCO World Heritage Listed sights in this part of the world you can revive history in front of your eyes by walking in open-air museums. We even organize professor-run history tours of ancient settlements and ruins. Take a Historical Sightseeing Tours with us.


  • Our Cuisine Tours will get you enjoy some of the very fine Central Asian Cuisines with “palov” as its pride and joy. Our gourmet specialist will escort the group through the cities of region with numerous hand-on master classes of cooking and baking wholesome and hearty dishes and breads.


  • Our Dance, Music & Ethnography Programme will have some outstanding theatre plays, dance classes sand folklore shows staged by renowned specialists. From centuries old Shashmaqam tunes to traditional dance moves, centuries old folklore performances and modern theater plays will be scheduled for you to learn and enjoy.


  • Our Cultural Tours will encourage travellers to learn the culture of the area. You can eat with locals, learn their trades, and prepare their food with them. Our prime aim of this tour will be to have interaction between the traveler and local artisans, students, laymen and etc. During the programme travelers are given chance to visit kindergartens, secondary schools or universities to know Uzbekistan better and chat with locals.


  • With numerous snow peaked mountain ranges, superb lakes and picturesque trekking routes we are pioneers in Activity Tours. We offer trekking, bicycling, heli-skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and mountaineering. Our signature tours of Nuratau mountain villages, rocky Darband trekking and desert yurt safaris offer plenty of activities while enjoying classical Silk Road programme.


  • With our Responsible (Eco) Tours you will get the best out of everything from staying in a local hotel to having dinner with locals. You will plant trees with locals, meet them in person, learn their stories and enjoy the cultural traditions. This tour is organized in collaboration with small run family hotels and restaurants. The tour has social programmes of visiting villages and artisan workshops.


  • Spiritual Tour – Visiting mausoleums of saints, spiritual leaders, founders and contributors of different Sufi orders, prophets’ shrines, learn the heritage of famous philosophers and cult figures. The programme will be run by professor of Philosophy and Religious studies.