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T2Modern-day Termez bears few traces of its colourful, cosmopolitan history. in recent times the town distinguished itself as a major launch pad for the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afganistan. however, set in attractive landscapes on the fringes of towen are ancient monuments and sites attesting to more gloruious times.

Buddhist monuments:

  • Zurmala Tower – one of the mot ancient remaining examples of monumental architecture in Central Asia. Structure with tower made of 1,2 mln bricks dates back to II c, when Buddhism was prevailing religion.
  • Kara-Tepe (permission is needed)  (II c.) – Buddhist cave monastery of Kushanian period, one of the examples of Buddhist architecture.
  • Fayaz-Tepe (Ic.) – 16km from Termez, consists of two sites- milleniums old Buddhist temple and monastery complex. Remains of mud walls very clearly define a central courtyard and surrounding rooms.
  • Ayrtam – excavations of this place gave more detailed impression of Buddhist architecture in Central Asia. Most important findings here are fresco with musicians and a 5,2m wide column.

Islamic monuments:

  • T1Sultan Saadat Complex – necropolis 42×40 consisting of several mausoleums, constructed in 11-17th c.
  • Kirk Kiz fortress is one of the early Islamic monuments in good condition. Brick construction has square form with 54m sides.
  • Termez rulers fortress – 11-12 c. complex of buildings was destroyed in 15th c.,  but fragments of wall painting are still exist.


Museums :

  • Archeology Museum – biggest museum of in Termez with Buddhist findings and other historical exhibitions.

Museum of Local Lore – small museum dedicated to culture and traditions of Termez region.