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Preparation for travel

Preparation Before Travelling

Flying to Uzbekistan

Tashkent International Airport is the most connected airport of Central Asia. There are direct flights from almost all main cities of Europe, Asia, Middle East and CIS countries. National air carrier Uzbekistan Airways operates flights to/from JFK, London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Vienna, Dubai, Delhi, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Main, Beijing, and many destinations in CIS countries. In addition Turkish Airlines, Air Baltic, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Czech Airlines and other international air carriers operate flights to/from Tashkent.



Since the independence of the country, tourism in the country has been flourishing. There are many western standard hotels in each cities of Uzbekistan. You can chose between bigger hotels with 4 stars to family run boutique hotels. All our hotels have Wi-Fi connection, European and traditional meals, phones and TVs. The personnel in each of the hotel possess good command of English language. All our partner hotels are inspected thoroughly by our marketing team before booking. They are licensed by national tourism board.


Visa of the Republic of Uzbekistan

According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan foreign citizens and stateless persons can enter Uzbekistan or travel through its territory for transit on the basis of entrance visas only.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons can get visas at the diplomatic representations and consular missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad on the basis of the visa support (confirmation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan).

Visa support is issued on the basis of application of the inviting organization, company and persons who are permanently or temporarily residing in Uzbekistan and submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

List of required documents to invite citizens of other countries by organizations and companies:

  • Visa application on Head letter of organizations and companies;
  • E-form of the site;
  • Copies of passports of the invited person, head of the organization, authorized person of organization to submit the documents;
  • Copies of documents of the organization (license, certificate, etc.);
  • Copies of orders to the head and the authorized person;
  • Copy of Power of Attorney for the authorized person;
  • For arrival visa at the airport “Tashkent” should be provided copies of tickets.


*** Simplified visa procedure is established for the citizens of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Tourists of these countries can get multiple entry visas up to 1 month and businessmen — up to 1 year (Malaysia — up to 6 months). Moreover, tourist voucher or invitation of physical or juridical person in Uzbekistan is not required to submit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Visas shall be issued within 2 working days, excluding the day of document’s acceptance.



Customs & Immigration


As a visitor to Uzbekistan, you will be requested to complete two customs declarations upon arrival in the country. This form is handed in during the flight in most cases. The customs official will retain one of the forms and you must keep the second form until your departure. On departure you will have to fill another declaration form, and submit it together with the early one to the customs officer.

There are no limitations on the amount of money allowed into Uzbekistan. Visitors should have less hard currency while leaving than they declared on arrival.

Items of significant value (jewelry, cameras, computers, etc.) should be declared on the form upon arrival. All such items must be taken back, otherwise import duties will be charged on traveller.

It is prohibited to bring publications, manuscripts, cliché, pictures, illustrations, photos, photographic films, photo negatives, movie – video – audio products, gram records, sound materials aimed or related to undermine state and social regime, breaking up territorial integrity, political independence and state sovereignty, propagandizing war, terrorism, violence, national oneness and religious hatred, racism and its variety (anti-Semitism, fascism) as well as pornographic materials.



Items that guests buy in the country, such as products of pottery, needlework, painting and other recently manufactured handicraft items can be freely exported from Uzbekistan. We you plan to take out aged items or arts, such as antiques, old carpet or suzanis, old books or manuscripts, metal knives or swords you may be required to show copy of license issued by the Ministry of Culture. We suggest you demand official paper/license directly from the Seller before you buy things. Unlicensed items might be confiscate by the customs authorities.

In order not to have any difficulty with the immigration rules, you have to have a valid passport (its expiration date should not overlap with the dates of your trip) and valid visa. Also, the authorities may check your registration.



All visitors are obliged to follow registration rules in Uzbekistan. These rules are believed to help provide authorities with data about the movement of foreign citizens in the country. Guests have to register within three days of arrival and obtain stamped receipt with dates of stay from the hotel reception; usually hotels do this automatically. The unregistered visitors maybe subject to penalty or even barred from departure until all documents are properly done.


Healthcare & Insurance

There are more than 200 A&E centers throughout Uzbekistan that can provide 24 hrs medical first aid treatments. Besides, nowadays in Tashkent there are clinics that can provide medical services for tourists and accept health insurance.

In most city centers there are 24 hrs pharmacies that are called “Dorixona” or “Аптека. Nevertheless, it would be appropriate if tourists have their own supply of special medicine (e.g. insulin).

It is recommended that tourists have their insurance with cover for travel abroad in their country of origin.